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Justin Trudeau halts press conference for discussion on Indigenous issues

In an unusual move, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paused today's press conference, earning praise for what some Canadians are calling a thoughtful intervention.

Trudeau temporarily halted the question period to offer a reporter with APTN, the world's first national Indigenous broadcaster, the chance to ask a second question.

"Just a second," Trudeau said, interrupting the proceedings. "Was there a follow-up for the Indigenous question?"

Thankfully, reporter Brett Forester was still on the line, and after a little scuffle, he was able to ask his follow-up question regarding Indigenous rights in Canada.

Generally speaking, the press conferences are usually divided into three parts: Trudeau's speech, questions from members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery who attend in person, and questions from reporters via teleconference.

While it's not unusual for reporters to ask a follow-up question, this is the first time that Trudeau has interrupted the conference to allow a reporter to do so.

Multiple Canadians are now taking to social media to praise the Prime Minister for his response.

"He's always treated the press far better than any other PM and far better than they treat him," one person wrote.

"I may not agree with his policies, but it showed some class on his part, unlike some politicians," another person added.

Not everyone was impressed with Trudeau's intervention, however; some Canadians have accused the Prime Minister of virtue signaling or having an ulterior motive in taking the follow-up question.

Other Canadians were similarly unimpressed by Trudeau's answer to the question.

"Great question by Brett; but PM side shuffled," a former APTN reporter wrote. "The feds had [years] to get this right."

Whatever your opinion, one thing's for sure: today's delay was definitely shorter than Trudeau's famous 21-second pause a few months ago.

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