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Trudeau didn't watch debate but says Canada is prepared for all U.S. election outcomes

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out on the U.S. Presidential Election this Thursday, saying that Canada is preparing for "all outcomes" of the vote.

Trudeau was responding to a reporter's question during an announcement at the Ford Connectivity and Innovation Centre in Kanata, Ont.

"I think we're all watching the U.S. election with close attention because of its potential impact on the Canadian economy and on Canadians," Trudeau said.

"As we watch the American election unfold, we are of course prepared for various eventualities, but we are certainly hopeful that all will proceed smoothly."

Trudeau revealed that he saw "clips" of the debate that took place between Vice President Mike Pence and Kamala Harris on Wednesday evening, as well as the debate between Trump and Joe Biden.

"My focus right now needs to be on keeping Canadians safe," Trudeau added. "Of course what happens in the United States is going to be impacting Canada after the election, but our job is to be ready for all outcomes."

When pressed about what those preparations entail, Trudeau said that he hopes for a "smooth transition" and "clear result" from the election, but admits that may not be the case.

"If it is less clear — there may be some disruptions — we need to be ready for any outcomes," he said.

Trudeau has been careful to avoid speaking out directly against Trump; NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh, on the other hand, publicly called out the President's behaviour only yesterday.

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