snow in canada

Winter arrives early as parts of Canada are already covered in snow

While it may feel like fall has only just arrived, parts of Canada are already covered in snow and the pictures are chilling, to say the least. 

Over the weekend, several areas in Alberta and British Columbia experienced some frosty weather as temperatures hovered just above zero degrees. 

Thanks to an unseasonably cold arctic air flow, Canadians in parts of these provinces spent their Thanksgiving weekend watching the snow fall. 

This includes Fort McMurray in Northern Alberta, which has been above seasonal for most of the month, but is now sitting at five degrees below seasonal due to cold winds from the northwest. 

Banff, Alberta also had it's first snowfall of this season this past weekend, making for some breathtaking photo opportunities. 

Just last week, Antigonish, Nova Scotia also experienced some unexpected heavy snowfall and chilly temperatures.

"This is exceptionally early for an accumulating snowfall in low elevation areas of NS.. Antigonish is near sea level. Interesting to see snow on the ground with trees in full foliage in the background," a Twitter user wrote.

However, Churchill, Manitoba takes the cake as the city saw snow back in September. 

Although the cold weather may not be for everyone,there's no denying how magical the country looks under a blanket of snow. 

Lead photo by

annette sichamba

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