529 Swanwick Road Victoria BC

This home in Canada has a river running through it

There are a lot of expensive mansions in Canada. Some are even nice or beautiful, but none can measure up to this home. 

Winner of the Canadian Architect Award in 2003 and a Lieutenant-Governor’s Award in 2008, this 10,700 square foot residence is truly something unique. 

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BCBuilt in the heart of one of Canada's most endangered natural ecosystems, the Garry Oak savannah, this home sits on a concrete armature, keeping the structure clear of the critical tree root zones.

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BCThe floors straddle a canyon carrying a seawater river that's framed by etched glass exterior walls, blurring the boundaries between nature and shelter. 

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BCThe home boasts six bedrooms, eight bathrooms and 67 acres of ocean front property. 

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BCThe views from the home are breathtaking and are enhanced at each corner of the house with huge windows. 

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BCOther notable mentions of this property are the boat house, the pool and hot tub, the garage with hydraulic lifts and the tennis/ basketball court. 529 Swanwick Road Victoria BC

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BCGood For

Watching the sunset. You do have an unobstructed view of the Pacific Ocean. 

529 Swanwick Road Victoria BC

Move On If

Your budget doesn't allow for such extravagance. 529 Swanwick Road Victoria BC

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Victoria Luxury Group

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