Halibut Island

You can now own an island off the coast of B.C.

If you've ever wanted to own a private island like all of the big shots do but have never had a cool $20-million to spare, a new real estate listing in B.C. may pique your interest.

The 10-acre property known as Low or Halibut Island, the smallest Gulf Island off the eastern coast of Victoria, is now on sale for the first time in more than half a century. And, it's way more affordable than the more than 100 other islands for sale right now in Canada.

Halibut IslandThough the $1,995,000 price tag isn't exactly pocket change, it isn't super far off the average price of a detached home in Vancouver or the General Toronto Area these days — and is there really a choice between a decent house in the city and an entire private island?

The unique piece of land has its own mini old growth forest, tidal pools and gravel beach with great views and ample space for a mansion or two, a dock for your boat(s), a tennis court... just imagine the possibilities.

The only off-putting feature to anyone who can afford a nearly $2-million property may be its mildly eerie history. CTV news reports that the elderly owner who lived on the island for decades did so isolated and off-the-grid in an old trailer before his recent death.

property for saleIf the rustic property isn't exactly the right fit for you right now, it may be worth keeping an eye on those other eligible private islands up for grabs across the country — just in case you win the lottery and/or get priced out of buying or renting in the city.

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