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This is what a $40K home looks like in Canada

With the way the real estate market has been going lately, it's understandable that alternative living is having a moment. In particular, tiny homes are all the rage. 

I've seen so many tiny homes, but this one is quite stunning if I do say so myself. 

rye road south river ontarioWhile this is just a model, the tiny home is beautifully designed and comes with a sizeable portion of land. 

rye road south river ontarioThis one is just under $40K and has 100 square-feet of living space plus a 40 square-foot bedroom loft. 

However, you can also purchase a larger model that's 500 square feet with two 144 square-foot bedroom lofts. 

rye road south river ontarioWhatever size you get the home comes as a ready-to-move-in solution, with solar power, a shower, a composting toilet and a rain water collection set up. It also has a wood stove and kitchenette. 

rye road south river ontarioThe area is a great escape from the city with ATV trails right off the property as well as plenty of lakes within a 10 minute drive for swimming, boating and fishing. 

rye road south river ontarioGood For

Taking a break from civilization.  

Move on if

You want proper indoor plumbing and to live on the grid. rye road south river ontario

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