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Canada won't be bailing out Airbnb because of COVID-19

Canada is saying "no" to the bailout of Airbnb hosts.

The California-based company asked the Canadian government to provide handouts for "regular Canadians who share their homes to earn extra income."

And in what might be the most savage and pointed response in Canada's history, Parliamentary Secretary for Housing Adam Vaughan delivered the verdict in a one word Tweet.

Airbnb requested a number of economic supports from the federal government, including tax relief for hosts and federal funding to promote travel post-pandemic.

The company said that it stood "willing to work with all levels of government" to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

And while Canada's response to Airbnb's request is important, Vaughan's metaphorical mic drop really stole the show.

Vaughan did eventually clarify his position, saying, "I believe we need to operate from the principle that the best way to support the economy is to support people."

"Trickle down won't work."

The Canadian government has already announced support for other sectors that have been hit hard by the COVID-19 outbreak, including the aviation industry.

Airbnb, it seems, won't be as fortunate.

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