This house in Canada takes up an entire island

Some days, you just want to get away from the world — and there's really no better place to do it than at this epic island house in the middle of Kawartha Lakes, Ont.

The private island sanctuary located at 1 Steenburg Lake is every introvert's dream.

The two-bedroom, off-the-grid property boasts a charming wraparound wooden porch, unparalleled waterfront views, and also some epic sunsets.


The $325,000 house was built in 2018, and it's entirely solar-powered, according to the real estate listing.

Also, there's a cute little pergola out back where you can enjoy a morning coffee while staring out over the water.

It's like Loot Lake but in real life (that's a Fortnite reference, for those of you non-gamers out there).


The vinyl exterior and charming, checkered retro couch are straight out of a '70s sitcom.

The natural pine ceilings, French doors and vaulted ceilings make the whole two-storey island home feel cozy.

1 STEENBURG LAKE ISLACanadians with thalassophobia may want to steer clear of the unique home because there's a lot of open water. Same goes for extroverts that love company.

1 STEENBURG LAKE ISLABut for people seeking solitude and some peaceful mornings, it's kind of the perfect place.

It would also make a great place to self-isolate for a few weeks.

You'll have to boat to the mainland to grab your weekly groceries, but hey — you'll definitely be saving on gas for your car.

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