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The shortest international bridge in the world connects a Canadian to his backyard in NY

The shortest international bridge in the world is right here in Canada. Zavikon Island might sound like a kingdom in Game of Thrones, but the actual story of the island is even cooler.

The island, located in Canada and the U.S., is home to the purported world's shortest international bridge.

The bridge connects an Ontario homeowner to his backyard in New York.

If you look closely at the bridge, you can see the Canadian and American flags on either side (as well as a Hungarian flag in the middle, since the homeowner has Hungarian roots).

Technically, Zavikon is actually made up of two islands: Zavikon Island, which is located in Canada, and New York's Little Zavikon Island.

The mysterious land mass located in the middle of the St Lawrence river is still a popular destination for tourists, who stop by in a boat to ogle the 32-foot bridge.

Some people allege that Zavikon Island is actually located entirely in Canada, and that the two-country divide is a myth.

Google Maps certainly backs up that theory.

zavikon island

Google Maps

Still, it's fun to think that the world's shortest international bridge is located partially in Canadian waters.

If it's true, Zavikon Island is certainly in a unique position when it comes to the ongoing border closure — both literally and metaphorically.

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