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This is what the future of luxury homes in Canada looks like

Is it a bridge? Is it a house? Well, it turns out that it's both — and this luxury home in Vancouver built into a cliff might just be the coolest thing you see all week.

Iranian architect and interior designer Milad Deshtiyaghi released concepts of the single-family home.

That means that Bridge House isn't actually built yet, but the 3D visualization allows clients to see what it will look like.

The two-floor dream home is made of two concrete cores located on both sides of the cliff.

Residents can move around the ultra-modern home either through the elevator, or through stairs passing through the semi-open space and up to the roof.

vancouver bridge houseAnd just in case Bridge House wasn't cool enough already, Deshtiyaghi has included two pools, both located on the roof of the upper unit.

Just think of the epic pool parties.

vancouver bridge houseThe house's sleek, modern lines and minimalist features make it look straight out of a James Bond movie.

Seriously. This conceptual abode could easily double as a (fashionable) evil villain's cliff-side lair.

vancouver bridge houseAnd if you thought the house was cool during the day, just take a look at how it would appear at night.

The luxury home looks like an otherworldly dream.

vancouver bridge houseNo word yet on how much this beauty would retail for, but judging by its unique location and cool features, it's safe to say that we're looking at a multi-million dollar price tag.

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Milad Deshtiyaghi

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