1654 McLeans Lake Road Port L'Hebert

This fairytale home in Canada is $300k and comes with its own greenhouse

Talk about a generous gesture; a Canadian recently bequeathed his custom, fairytale home to charity, and you'll want to see pictures of the hand-crafted house.

British-born Victor "Ray" Titterington left his $295,000 home in Port L'Hebert to the Nova Scotia Nature Trust after his death.

The charming estate located on an ocean cliff is packed with cacti, carvings, clocks and hand-crafted furniture.

custom homeTitterington crafted wooden floors and doors piece by piece to create an artistic marquetry pattern, according to an Oct. 2 blog post from the charity.

The ceiling is decorated with fancifully carved horses that gallop over a wide range of cacti, all in a stunning glass-topped atrium.

The home also boasts an immense factory that could rival Santa's workshop, stocked with every tool imaginable.

The workshop was where Titterington created the majority of his whimsical carvings — "some so small they fit in your hand and some so huge they stand as tall as a person," according to the blog post.

Titterington also built the large outdoor pool filled with water lilies located just outside the home.

custom homeThe actual house is only one-bedroom, but it's located on a seven-acre oceanfront property, so you can live out The Secret Garden fantasies that you had as a child.

custom homeThis custom home isn't ideal for people that love the hubbub of a city, but it might just be the best place in Canada to self-isolate for a few weeks (except for a house on an island, of course).

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This fairytale home in Canada is $300k and comes with its own greenhouse

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