234 portage ave winnipeg

This is what a $3.5 million mansion looks like in Winnipeg

A historic building in Winnipeg has officially hit the real estate market and it doubles as a truly unique residence. 

Built 116 years ago, the 8,360-square-foot building, at 234 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, is currently for sale for a whopping $3.5 million and is proof that everything is not always what it seems.

The building's main floor is being rented by a laser-eye surgery clinic while the second floor has three spacious offices with a reception area, washroom and kitchen. 

234 portage ave winnipeg

The building's office area.

However, it's behind the offices where things get really interesting, as the owners have created an unusual but extremely elegant residence.

234 portage ave winnipeg

Just some of the building's bedroom space.

Tucked away in the residence is an indoor garage with all the tools you'll need to keep your car in perfect condition while never having to step outside.

234 portage ave winnipeg

A stunning indoor garage means you never have to step outside of your house.

Designed in a neoclassical style with Greek accents, the residence features a marble fireplace and a chimney that seemingly disappears into a stained glass ceiling with Greek statues that mimic those at the Heritage Museum in St. Petersburg.234 portage ave winnipeg

This massive fireplace is held up by Greek statues resembling ones in Russia.

The property's rooftop deck includes huge skylights, a hot tub, and an outdoor shower and was even featured in the movie Siberia starring Keanu Reeves

234 portage ave winnipeg

Who wouldn't want to relax out here?

Unsurprisingly, the kitchen includes high-end appliances with a lovely lookout into the dining area. 

234 portage ave winnipeg

Cooking wouldn't be so bad in a kitchen like this.

The absolutely stunning bedrooms will also make you feel like you've entered another era. 

234 portage ave winnipeg

Another bedroom in the building.

Perhaps the enormous laundry room will motivate you to actually to get all your laundry done. 

234 portage ave winnipeg

Two washers and dryers will allow you to get your laundry done in no time.

Let's just say working from home wouldn't be all that bad if you lived here. 

234 portage ave winnipeg

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