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There's a graffiti barn in Canada covered in names of graduating Grade 12 students

Forget the typical prom and after-parties, this graffiti-covered barn in Canada sounds like the coolest place to go to celebrate graduating hgh school. 

According to owner Garret Smith, it's a tradition for graduating grade 12 students to come to the barn, located in the city of Kerrobert, Saskatchewan on their senior skip day to decorate and design it with their all of their names. 

However, there is one important rule to adhere to.

"This year's grads, they painted, but they're not allowed to paint over last year's names. So it's got to stay on for a year," Smith said. 

Smith added that this is something graduates in Kerrobert have been doing for some time now, including himself. 

"When I graduated, that was our skip day. We just left school for the day, had a couple of adult beverages, went out there, painted, and then usually had a bush party that night to celebrate."

With all of the traditions and bright colours, the barn has become somewhat of a landmark in the city and Smith says that it draws many visitors besides just students. With all the attention, the barn has even caused some rivalry between Kerrobert and other small towns nearby. 

"Other towns have tried to graffiti it on the front and someone tried to light it on fire ten years ago but they started it at the far end so the wind was carrying it away from the barn, not into it," Smith said.

Luckily the barn survived because it has been in Smith's family for quite some time. His grandfather purchased it in the 1960s. 

"In '77, my dad and a couple of his classmates basically just painted their names and wrote 'Grad '77' on it and then after that it's been a tradition up until today," he said, adding that it was his father who marked up the barn first. 

Of course, the barn isn't specifically for graduates. In fact, back in August, Smith used it as a wedding venue. 

Who knew an old bar could turn out to be such an attraction. 

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Edward Marshall

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