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Canadians are putting up Halloween decorations that are so 2020 it hurts

It's no secret that 2020 has been frightening all around, and Canadians are updating their Halloween decorations to match.

Pumpkins with face masks, candy slides, and skeletons on Zoom calls? Yup, it's all standard fare this October.

Little ghouls and ghosts hunting for candy on Oct. 31 might run into some skeletons practicing good hygiene.

They might also spot some pumpkins bearing health advisories (don't forget to wash your hands, kids).

Some Canadians have even carved pumpkins in the shape of health officials, like this orange squash bearing the smiling face of Quebec's Dr. Horacio Arruda.

Some people are mourning the loss of good grammar, civil political discourse and the phone book.

While others are grieving the loss of concerts and their own sanity (condolences to Mike and his Hawaii trip).

Even the Grim Reaper will be wearing a face mask this year, because nothing's scarier than spreading COVID-19.

With physical distancing measures still in place, Canadians have been forced to get creative with their methods of handing out candy.

This epic candy slide in Vancouver goes all the way from the top of the house to the lawn.

And this candy slingshot in Alberta is great for handing out candy from a safe distance (and, incidentally, scaring away neighbours that you don't like).

Sadly, Halloween trick-or-treating won't be going ahead everywhere in 2020, but at least Canadians can still go out for a walk and admire the spooky decorations.

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