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This is everything you need to know about Drake's custom Raptors championship ring

Canadian teen soap opera star-turned-global rap icon Drake now has not one, but two NBA championship rings, despite never having played a single second of professional basketball in his entire life

The Grammy-winning recording artist showed off two huge new hand trophies on Instagram Tuesday night as the Toronto Raptors received their own 2019 NBA championship rings at Scotiabank Arena.

Drake wasn't in Toronto for the team's home opener, but he got a ring either way.

"Official team ring and one custom designed by me and Jason of Beverly Hills," he wrote in an Instagram Stories text overlay. "WORLD CHAMPS, CONGRATS TO MY BROTHERS, wish I could be there."

Some people are salty about the fact that Drake got an official ring, just like they were mad about him appearing in the championship parade, screaming at opponents courtside with impunity all season, and bringing out the actually Larry O'Brien trophy at OVO Fest in August.

It's important to note, however, that Drake isn't merely a Raptors superfan. Unlike Toronto businessman Nav Bhatia, was also given a ring last night, Drake is the team's official global ambassador — a role that he's been crushing since 2013.

If Nav deserves a ring, many would argue that Drizzy does too. The artist himself would likely argue, in fact, that he deserves two.

As if the actual NBA championship ring he got from the Raptors wasn't impressive enough with its more than 650 diamonds and 16 rubies, Drake had an even fancier ring custom-made just for him.

The piece, designed by Drizzy and celebrity jeweller Jason of Beverly Hills, the ring is said to feature more diamonds than any other championship ring in NBA history at a ridiculous 30 carats.

Like the original Baron version received by the Raptors, Drake's ring is atypically huge — like, Ring Pop-level huge.

Unlike the Raptors' own version, Drake's has "The Boy" engraved across his, and instead of a little CN Tower and the word "NORTH," it bears a red Raptors mascot head.

Champagne Papi's custom piece is estimated to be valued at over $150,000.

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment have declined to reveal the price tags for any of their rings, which came in five tiers, with the 20 most valuable pieces going to players and select staff members.

A spokesperson for the franchise did tell the Toronto Star however that the ring received by players was "the most valuable ring made for an NBA championship to date."

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