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People are cringing as Bobby Orr comes to the defence of Don Cherry

Don Cherry's comments about immigrants and poppies have created quite the divide among Canadian hockey lovers, and some are now furious that one of the greatest players of all time is coming to his defence. 

In an interview on Boston radio station WEEI Thursday, NHL great Bobby Orr defended the former Coach's Corner host. 

"What they've done to him up there is disgraceful. It really is," said Orr, who was coached by Cherry with the Boston Bruins years ago.

Orr also said Cherry is not a bigot or a racist, and described him as extremely generous and caring.

"I know Grapes better than anyone. He's not a bigot and he's not a racist," he said.

Orr also said he's spoken to Cherry every day since the firing.

Cherry was fired from his position on Coach's Corner earlier this week after sparking outrage with comments that have been deemed divisive and xenophobic. 

"You people that come here, you love our way of life, you love our milk and honey, at least you can pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that. These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada, these guys paid the biggest price," he said during Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

Cherry refused to apologize for his comments, and he even appeared on Fox News' Tucker Carlson to defend his comments. 

Now, Canadians are frustrated and disappointed that yet another Canadian legend is missing the point. 

Many are disagreeing with Orr's stance, saying Cherry's words proved otherwise.

And others are saying his statements about Cherry as well as the fact that he's apparently a Tucker Carlson fan speak for themselves. 

Some are saying his words have caused them to lose respect for the Canadian legend.

While others are saying that while they disagree with his opinion, they do respect his choice to defend a friend.

Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast will be the first since Cherry's firing, and it remains to be seen who, if anyone, will be seated in the former host's seat come game time.

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