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This is who Canadians want to replace Don Cherry on Hockey Night in Canada

News that veteran host of Coach's Corner Don Cherry has been fired from his position following controversial comments about immigrants is currently rippling through the country, and of course Canadians already have thoughts about who should replace him. 

Cherry sparked outrage Saturday evening after going on a rant about how immigrants (calling them "You people") "love our way of life... love our milk and honey," but don't wear poppies. 

"At least you can pay a couple of bucks for poppies or something like that," he said during Saturday's Hockey Night in Canada broadcast.

"These guys paid for your way of life that you enjoy in Canada."

His comments were quickly deemed divisive, xenophobic and racist. 

Many called for his immediate removal, though he refused to apologize for the statement. 

Now, it's been announced that Cherry has officially stepped down. 

And as can be expected when someone notorious loses their influential position, Canadians are searching for his replacement. 

Ken Campbell of The Hockey News just wrote a piece about why hockey analyst Brian Burke is the obvious choice.

"This was probably going to happen anyway, but Cherry’s latest indiscretion gives Rogers a ready-made excuse to part ways with Cherry and hand the keys to the first intermission kingdom to Burke," Campbell wrote.

"Preferably by this Saturday. Unlike Cherry, Burke has won a Stanley Cup. Like Cherry, Burke can be blustery and will appeal to the pro-fighting crowd that treats Cherry as though he should be considered for sainthood," Campbell continued.

"But the thing about Burke is that he knows how to be controversial, bombastic and thought-provoking without crossing the lines of decency."

Some fans are totally on board with this idea. 

But others aren't quite as keen. 

"If @Sportsnet has taken anything away from this, they will not replace Don Cherry with Brian Burke. Change is a good thing and ideally this moves the broadcast into a more positive lane, strictly discussing the game of hockey," one Twitter user wrote.

Others think Canadian hockey commentator Bob McKenzie would be a good fit for the role.

While some think a much younger personality would make a great host, such as Sportsnet blogger and hockey YouTuber Steve "Dangle" Glynn.

A popular opinion also seems to be that hiring a person of colour for the job would be a major step in the right direction. 

But one of the most frequently expressed opinions appears to be that no one at all should replace Cherry, and that the segment as a whole should be scrapped instead. 

"Why does anyone need to replace Don Cherry on Coach's Corner," one Twitter user wrote. 

"That was his thing. A relic of a bygone past. Cut ties with the whole segment and build a progressive future for the broadcast."

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