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Brawl in the stands at Edmonton Oilers game caught on video

A video posted on Twitter of a brawl breaking out between Edmonton Oiler Fans and Vancouver Canucks fans at Rogers Place in Edmonton has generated some online discussion. 

In the video, a man wearing a Connor McDavid jersey can be seen flying across a row of seats, while other people in the stands begin to throw punches and pull at each other's jerseys.

The video was first posted by TSN1040 reporter Jeff Paterson, who wrote on Twitter that there was some taunting going on before things started to escalate.

The brawl happened at the end of the game on Sunday night, where the Edmonton Oilers defeated the Vancouver Canucks 3-2.

A spokesperson with the Oilers Entertainment Group told CTV News that security arrived within minutes of the incident occurring, and that some guests were evicted from the building.

"We do see, from time to time, crowds that are more rambunctious and active when we play Canadian or division rival teams. As you know, our market is passionate about hockey and about the Oilers," the OEG's Tim Shipton wrote in a statement to CTV News.

Some people have made it clear that they are sick of the 'passion' that is displayed by fans at the Rogers Place Arena. 

The incident seems to be the norm between Edmonton Oilers fans and Vancouver Canucks fans, whose teams are rivals. 

One Twitter user wrote in response to the video that they won't go to games at the arena anymore due to notoriously rowdy behaviour. 

The video of the brawl comes after weeks of discussions over alleged toxic behaviour in Canada's hockey scene

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