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NHL team practiced in outdoor rink in Canada and it was just beautiful

At its core, hockey is really about tossing a puck around on the ice with some friends in the winter — and one NHL team went back to their roots and did exactly that in Canada yesterday. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins held an outdoor hockey practice at a rink just outside Calgary Wednesday, and photos and videos from the day show just how pure and beautiful it really was. 

"The calm blue sky. The cold, crisp air. Youthful exuberance. Teammates that become best friends. Whether you've played one or 1,000 games, there's always something special about moments like this," the official Pittsburgh Penguins Twitter account wrote along with a photo of some of the players. 

The weather in Calgary was hovering just above zero yesterday, but that sure didn't stop the players from hitting the ice. 

Many of them took to social media to post photos and videos from what seemed like quite a magical day, with some of them pointing out that days like this are what hockey is really about. 

"Sippin syrup & playing hockey in the land of the polite #greatwhitenorth," player Joe Blandisi wrote on Instagram. 

"Back to basics," the official Pittsburgh Penguins Instagram account wrote. They also referred to the practice as "Hockey in its purest form." 

Back to basics.

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Some of Calgary's first responders even stopped to watch the practice. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins are set to play their next game against the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow at 9 p.m.

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