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Sports fans got really upset with Sportsnet over the Westminster Dog Show

Canadians weren't happy after Sportsnet pushed the Raptors game off the main channel on Monday evening — all so the Westminster Dog Show could take centre stage.

According to its website, the Westminster Dog Show is "America's oldest organization dedicated to the sport of purebred dogs." The competition takes place annually in New York.

This year, Sportsnet decided to air the show on its mainstream channel.

Naturally, sports fans were outraged.

This fan couldn't believe that she was paying $250 each year to watch dogs catch frisbees.

And this fan couldn't quite believe the Raptors were taking second place to a dog show.

This fan just really wanted to watch some NHL — but ultimately decided to make the best of things.

And this fan really felt the Raptors were not getting the respect they deserve.

Still, there's no denying that Siba — the black poodle that won the dog show — is pretty freaking cute.

For the Sportsnet subscribers that missed out on the Raptors game, don't worry: the Raps continued their 15-game winning streak.

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Westminster Dog Show

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Sports fans got really upset with Sportsnet over the Westminster Dog Show

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