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A tennis player drank maple syrup during a match and it was the most Canadian thing ever

Canadian tennis player Vasek Pospisil just chugged a bottle of maple syrup halfway through a match — and it was possibly the most Canadian thing ever.

On Sunday, the 29-year-old tennis player took a quick break from his match against Gael Monfils at the Open Sud de France to refuel with the syrupy drink.

Fortunately, cameras caught the hilarious event.

Pospisil may have lost the match to Monfils, but he won over Canadians everywhere by sipping on Maple Joe.

The athlete even took to Twitter to endorse his surprising drink of choice, calling it "rich in nutrients" and "shockingly good in coffee."

Naturally, Canadians have been losing their minds.

This person came up with a hilarious caption for the video.

And this person totally supports Pospisil's decision.

This person is ready to give Pospisil a place in Canada's Sports Hall of Fame.

And this person couldn't help but make an "Elf" comparison.

This American NHL team makes sure to keep plenty of maple syrup on-hand for their Canadian players.

And this person compared it to the iconic Canadian saying "I smell burst toast!"

Canadian tennis player Bianca Andreescu even took a moment to salute her fellow countryman, saying it "doesn't get more Canadian than that."

Someone please get this man a maple syrup sponsorship deal.

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ATP Tennis TV

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