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Goodlife Fitness has reopened in Canada and here's what the gyms look like now

GoodLife Fitness has officially reopened in parts of Canada, but like many restaurants, movie theatres and malls, the gym chain underwent a major makeover before opening its doors.

As of Monday, members in B.C., Manitoba and New Brunswick will have access to select locations. The GoodLife Fitness location in Prince Edward Island reopened on June 15.

As you might expect, there are now some serious cleaning protocols in place; GoodLife has purchased 300 electrostatic sprayers, which will be used to deep-clean each gym. Members are asked to wipe down their equipment before and after using it.

Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the gym, and protective barriers will be placed near the front desk.

All GoodLife associates will be required to wear face masks with the exception of those teaching a class, because admittedly, it's pretty hard to yell at someone to do burpees when you're wearing one.

Members are asked to book a spot online ahead of time to guarantee their workout. Walk-ins are permitted, but they'll be asked to wait in a designated area until a spot becomes available if it's busy.

You may also want to bring a water bottle because members won't be permitted to drink directly from the fountains (filling up your bottle is a-okay, though).

Some facilities will also remain closed for the time being, including showers, pools, hot tubs, hot yoga, massage chairs, saunas, steam rooms and tanning.

Change rooms and locker facilities will be available at most GoodLife locations, although locker capacity has been reduced to promote physical distancing.

Directional arrows and signage will also be introduced to help gym-goers maintain a safe distance, although members are still "expected to use best judgement" to determine if it's okay to use a piece of equipment or workout area.

GoodLife will continue to reopen gyms across Canada in the coming weeks, starting with select locations in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario Newfoundland and Labrador and Nova Scotia on Monday, June 29.

GoodLife locations in Toronto are expected to reopen on July 13, pending government approval.

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