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Beloved Montreal Expos mascot Youppi! inducted into the Hall of Fame

Youppi!, Canada's favourite hairy orange celebrity, has officially become the first mascot from a Canadian-based club to be inducted into The Mascot Hall of Fame.

In a virtual ceremony on Sunday, Youppi! — previously the mascot of the defunct Montreal Expos baseball team, and now the beloved mascot of the Montreal Canadiens — was added to the Hall.

In the (almost) words of Beyoncé, they liked it so they put a ring on it.

Montreal Canadiens associate coach Kirk Muller offered his congratulations to the beloved mascot on his accomplishment.

"Congrats on the mascot Hall of Fame," Muller said in a social media post. "Wow. That's long overdue, pal."

"I remember watching you back in the day at the old Expo baseball games and over time, you sure have gotten better," Muller added cheekily, before saying that he was "just kidding."

Youppi! is one of 24 mascots featured in the Indiana museum, with the Baltimore Orioles' The Oriole Bird, the Indiana Pacers' Boomer and the Indianapolis Colts' Blue also being added in 2020.

Youppi! is the first Canadian mascot to be inducted into the Hall, but the mascot is no stranger to firsts — the orange giant also claims the title of being the first North American mascot to crossover between two major leagues.

And don't let his innocent Doritos-coloured face fool you; Youppi! was also the first mascot to be thrown out from an MLB game after he caused a ruckus by napping on the other team's dugout.

Youppi! joined the Expos in 1979, cheering for the baseball club for almost three decades before switching his allegiances to the Canadiens in September 2005.

The Hall describes Youppi! as a "free-agent mascot" that "solidified" his place with the Canadiens when he rooted for them at his first hockey game on October 18, 2005.

Youppi! also counts a number of famous celebrities among his admirers, including Canadian queen Céline Dion.

Sadly, Youppi! doesn't update his social media account very often, so the orange giant has yet to comment on his recent success — but hockey fans can be sure that he's celebrating his induction into the Hall by showing off his new bling.

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