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Ottawa Senators fans are furious after hockey team cuts ties with foundation

The Ottawa Senators Foundation announced on Thursday that it has cut ties with the NHL Club, saying that they presently have no intention of renewing their agreement, which expires on July 31.

After that time, the Foundation will no longer have permission to use the Ottawa Senators name or branding.

The Foundation thanked the Ottawa Senators for over two decades of partnership and the "game-changing opportunities for kids," saying that its first priority is to fulfil all of its remaining charitable obligations by the end of July.

The future of the Foundation is still uncertain.

The Ottawa Senators hockey team announced on Thursday that it was the party that chose to sever ties, writing that it "informed the current foundation leadership months ago" that the Club was considering parterning with other charities.

The Club added that it has been in "protracted discussions" with the Foundation, which included asking the Foundation to formally submit a proposal to continue its work.

The Foundation declined.

The Club thanked the foundation for "serving the charitable organization with distinction," saying that it will now seek "alternative options" for a charitable arm.

The Club's decision to separate from the Foundation has sparked rage among loyal fans, particularly given that the Club is already looking for a new charity.

"Huh," one person wrote. "It's almost like you had one for the last 22 years that did wonders."

"You should pick this group called The Sens Foundation," another person wrote, in the same vein.

"Embarrassing and shameless," another added.

Many Canadians are far from impressed with Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk, who they believe masterminded the separation.

"Hey @MelnykEugene... did you just fire a charity? #MelnykOut," one person wrote.

"Congratulation Eugene Melnyk, who has already officially sealed his fate as Worst Owner In Professional Sports for 2020, and we're only four days into June," another person said.

"Just when you think Melnyk has put this team at rock bottom he keeps surprising," yet another wrote.

TSN Radio Host Ian Mendes, who sat on the board for the Ottawa Senators Foundation for three years, took to Twitter on Thursday to address rumours that the separation was prompted by a tweet that the Foundation put out regarding George Floyd's death.

"The Sens Foundation's decision to tweet about George Floyd was NOT the reason for today's split with the team," Mendes said."There have been some issues under the hood for a while."

"Perhaps it was symptomatic of a wider philosophical divide between the club and Foundation. That's an educated guess."

Established in 1998, The Ottawa Senators Foundation has raised more than $31 million in the last five years alone for hundreds of charities throughout Ontario and Quebec.

In 2019, the Foundation's grants enabled more than 50,000 game-changing opportunities for children and youth. 

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