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Hilarious video of a NHL group chat perfectly sums up each of Canada's teams

A hilarious staged video of an NHL group chat has been circulating around social media on Thursday, and it perfectly sums up each of Canada's hockey teams.

The short clip welcomes the Seattle Kraken team to the ice, with each team weighing in on the newcomer.

The Edmonton Oilers were among the teams that shared the video to their social media channels, captioning it: "Welcome to the Pacific Div, Seattle."

The Vancouver Canucks are the first team to chime in on the NHL group chat, pointing out their close geographic proximity to Seattle by writing, "A rivalry renewed."

"When we were your age, we had to wait eight years to join the NHL," the Montreal Canadiens wrote, referring to their short stint playing in the NHA before the NHL was established in 1917.

The Toronto Maple Leafs got in on the shenanigans next, writing, "Congrats on the name. We'll see you in The Six."

"Welcome to the Pacific. This Div gets wild," the Calgary Flames wrote, cheekily referring to Calgary's reputation for being home to the Stampede and the Wild West.

The Edmonton Oilers wrote, "Finally something we can agree on, Calgary," before savagely removing Calgary from the group chat, riffing on the ongoing rivalry between the two Alberta teams.

The Ottawa Senators claimed that they have "the better Tkachuk," referring to the two Tkachuk brothers that play for the Senators and Flames, respectively, while the Winnipeg Jets praised their enthusiastic fans.

Outside of the NHL group chat video, many teams are reaching out on their social media channels to greet Seattle Kraken — including the Vancouver Canucks, who couldn't resist a little dig at their new rivals.

The Seattle Kraken don't have a roster put together yet, but judging by the team's Twitter bio, they're planning to begin reaching out to players imminently.

"Now that we have a name, we're strategizing all the ways to draft your favorite player," the bio says.

Welcome to the NHL, Seattle Kraken.

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Calgary Flames

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