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Now that hockey is back people are fighting over Don Cherry again

Hockey is officially back in Canada, which can mean only one thing: Canadians are flocking to social media once more to weigh in on the Don Cherry scandal that rocked the country last November.

In case you need a reminder, the longtime Hockey Night in Canada host was fired for his seemingly anti-immigrant comment that new residents of Canada don't wear poppies on Remembrance Day.

Cherry's dismissal was incredibly divisive, with some Canadians leaping to his defense, including NHL great Bobby Orr who called Cherry's removal from air "disgraceful."

Now, Don Cherry is stirring up controversy once again.

Some people are condemning Cherry for his comments, calling them xenophobic, derogatory and hurtful.

"Don Cherry trending this morning brings me to believe that boredom is really starting to hit people during this pandemic," one person wrote. "The expiry date on his shtick was up decades ago. Good riddance to that old xenophobic bigot."

"I just wanted to go on the record as saying f*ck Don Cherry," another person wrote.

Other people are jumping to Cherry's defence, arguing that the host's candour is refreshing.

"I love this guy," one person wrote. "Don Cherry is honest and says what he thinks. I wish more Canadians were like him."

Some Canadians are even nominating Cherry for Governor-General, since Gov. Gen. Juliet Payette is currently under fire for allegations that she created a toxic work environment at Rideau Hall.

Don Cherry has yet to weigh in on the resurgence of the drama, but he's still weighing in on hockey night in Canada through his regular Grapevine Podcast, which he's been running since his dismissal from Coach's Corner.

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Now that hockey is back people are fighting over Don Cherry again

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