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Golf course straddling the Canada-U.S. border won't let members cross over

A golf course straddling the Canada-U.S. border is in a unique position — both metaphorically and physically.

Gateway Cities Golf Course lies between Portal, North Dakota and Saskatchewan's North Portal.

The 9-hole course caters to both Canadian and American members, but with the ongoing border closure, it's been forced to make some major adjustments.

canada us border

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Gateway Cities' clubhouse and the first tee box are in the U.S., while the rest of the holes are on Canadian soil.

The ninth hole is famously split; the tee box is in Canada while the green is in the U.S., making for some hilarious situations in which the ball lands in a different country — sometimes an hour later, depending on the time change.

In fact, the unique feature has even earned the golf course a place in Ripley's Believe It or Not.

Unfortunately, the golf course's famous divide has been problematic during the pandemic.

Gateway Cities Golf Course has been forced to temporarily close the ninth hole, instead asking Canadian members to use a temporary hole about 125 yards away.

U.S. members also cannot cross the border to access the golf course on the Canadian side for the time being.

"Please do not attempt to cross the border at the golf course," the club board said in an Aug. 26 post. "This is being monitored and you risk being arrested."

Canadian golfers don't have many water features to contend with on the course, but they may need to worry about losing their ball somewhere worse: in another country.

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