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Tesla's new Cybertruck will be available in Canada for just over $50k

If you own a computer, a smartphone or have any access to the Internet at all, then you've probably seen Tesla's new Cybertruck by now. 

CEO Elon Musk revealed the company's first electric pickup truck at an event in Los Angeles last night, and it's already got everyone talking. 

While opinions on the truck are quite polarized, those who think the Cybertruck is cool, futuristic and have always wanted to drive a sustainable pickup are in luck. 

The cheapest model, with a range of 402 km, will be available in Canada for $53,009.

It's already available for pre-order now with a $150 refundable deposit, and production is set to begin in late 2021.

Other configurations of the truck, with longer ranges and higher top speeds, will set you back $66,293 or $92,864. 

Each model automatically comes with autopilot, but you can add the full self-driving feature for $9,200.

During last night's presentation, Musk showed off some of the truck's most notable features. 

But not everything went as planned.

In an attempt to demonstrate the vehicle's unbreakable glass, Musk asked someone on stage to try and break the truck's windows — they promptly shattered. 

"We'll fix it in post [production]," he said. 

Some suspect the gaffe was actually an intentional publicity stunt.

Meanwhile, many have taken to social media to express their thoughts on the controversial truck. 

Some are simply unimpressed with its angular design.

And some are saying it shouldn't even qualify as a truck. 

But others are already ready to hand their money over to Tesla.

And some say all the stainless steel vehicle needs is a fresh coat of paint. 

But however you feel about the new truck's batmobile-esque style, experts are pretty confident it'll be a success. 

Analysts have said that the truck segment has very few models, according to The Toronto Star, leaving plenty of room for a new product to gain popularity. They also said trucks are becoming increasingly popular because of their convenience, comfort and space. 

And let's not forget that Tesla's name alone goes a long way.

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