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Canadians are being asked to pause video games for Remembrance Day

Even after 100 years of observing Remembrance Day, the Royal Canadian Legion is still coming up with new ways to memorialize our fallen soldiers.  

This year, the Royal Canadian Legion has partnered with Epic Games to bring a custom Remembrance Day-themed island to the popular video game, Fortnite.

The collaboration was done in efforts to engage with a younger audience about Remembrance Day traditions. 

“It’s our hope that young Canadians will take a few moments to visit this unique environment and learn about the men and women who gave their lives to protect our freedom,” says Freeman D. Chute, senior program officer at the Royal Canadian Legion.

The custom Fortnite island features recreations of WWI trenches, D-Day beaches, a Canadian military cemetery, the well-known Vimy Ridge memorial cenotaph and more.

The island can be accessed in the game’s Creative Mode using the island code 5053-3302-4847.

Unlike regular Fortnite play, the only objective for gamers is to discover 30 museum-like information plaques and follow the poppies until they reach a memorial cenotaph on the island. There is no violence or battles in this part of the game. 

The island was conceived by Canadian agency Wunderman Thompson and brought to life through a collaboration with a Fortnite Creative Builder known as JXDVN. Both parties worked on the project as a pro bono labour of love.

In addition to traditional Remembrance Day ceremonies and moment of silence being held at 11 a.m. on November 11, 2019, gamers are being encouraged to visit the Remembrance Island cenotaph with their friends at 11 p.m. to have their own moment of silence and salute, then share images or streams using the hashtag #SaluteThePoppy.

The Royal Canadian Legion has also launched a separate campaign called 'Pause to Remember'. 

They have developed a stream overlay for gamers to show they are observing a moment of silence on Remembrance day. 

"On 11/11 at 11 a.m., video game streamers will #PauseToRemember our veterans with a moment of silence, while displaying the 'Stream Overlay' on their streams," their website reads. 

Many have noted that this is a great way for the Royal Canadian Legion to engage with younger Canadians around Remembrance Day. 

A lot of gamers have responded to the campaign saying they're willing to participate.

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