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BlackBerry will stop making phones and people thought they had already

Today, BlackBerry manufacturers announced that they're going to stop selling phones; but people were confused, because they thought they had already.

BlackBerry β€” a Canadian company that once claimed a hefty 20% of the global smartphone market β€” will stop selling phones as of August 31, 2020.

The company experienced a series of financial setbacks, with stocks plunging around 2010 as the iPhone and Android models began to dominate the market.

Still, many Canadians were baffled by the news β€” not because they thought BlackBerry was doing well, but because they thought the company had gone under years ago.

One person thought that the real news story was this:

And another person took a moment to congratulate BlackBerry for its resilience.

It's pretty telling that nobody remembers how to capitalize "BlackBerry" correctly.

And also that someone called BlackBerry the "MySpace of smart phones."

No word yet on whether BlackBerry has found another communications company to partner with.

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