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Instagram users in Canada can finally incorporate music in stories

Instagram users in Canada have spent the past two years being bombarded with the "Instagram music is not available in your region" message when trying to watch a story with music, but it seems the feature is finally being made available north of the border. 

Facebook announced today that Canadian users will soon be able to use several music tools on Facebook and Instagram thanks to new partnerships with music publishing societies and organizations, as well as labels and distributors in Canada.

News that the company is launching music widgets on Facebook and Instagram in Canada comes two years after the feature launched in the U.S., and many Canadians think it's about time. 

As per the company's announcement, Canadian users will now be able to add a song to photos and videos on their stories, add videos with music to a new section on their Facebook profile and add music to the Instagram stories questions sticker. 

"To ensure the music experience on Facebook and Instagram reflects the diversity of Canadian artists and interests, we worked closely with a range of partners and artists, and consulted with local experts," the company said in a release

They said they've created Canadian-specific themes so that users searching for a song to include in a video or story will find a library of music by Canadian artists including beloved icons, chart-topping artists, as well as indigenous artists like Snotty Nose Rez Kids and Francophone artists like Marie-Mai.

Millions of international songs will also be available for use.

"Music has no language, and platforms like Facebook and Instagram allows it to transcend boundaries," Quebec singer-songwriter Marie-Mai said in the release. 

"The launch of these new music features enables me to connect more deeply with fans, build my brand reaching new audiences, and gives my music a platform to be heard around the world."

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