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These live cams let you see the northern lights and wildlife in Canada right from your couch

Social distancing means no foreseeable social plans or outdoor exploring for a while, except for maybe Netflix binges and Skype dates, and those afternoon strolls you've been taking in order to keep sane. 

For those confined to their homes for some time now, nobody is going to blame you if you're already feeling a bit stir-crazy. 

Even though you may not be able to do any travelling right now, you can still virtually enjoy popular spots across Canada with online live streams.

Live webcam sites let you check out places such as, Banff, Peggy's Cove, Niagara Falls and Hopewell Rocks, as well as a lot of other national parks and ski resorts across Canada, without ever having to leave your house. 

One of my personal favourites would have to be the live stream of the northern lights that you can check out on

The continuous feed of the magical aurora borealis light show is available to watch online at anytime. Though the northern lights can be viewed from many parts around the world, this particular camera captures the view from Churchill, Manitoba

Late winter and early spring are the best seasons to see the lights, so it's the perfect time to tune in.

If whatever is happening on the live stream isn't particularly interesting when you happen upon it, feel free to go back in the video to find a more exciting moment. 

There are also streams that let you enjoy a bit of wildlife by offering a peek into the lives of some adorable furry animals. 

There's the Polar Bear cam. Though this stream isn't currently live, you can still appreciate the highlight reel of these lovable fur-covered creatures. 

There is also the Sea Lion live cam. Shot from Hanson Island in B.C., it lets you catch some adorable moments of sea lions. 

It may not actually get you out of the house, but these live streams will certainly offer you a nice change of scenery, the illusion of fresh air, and hopefully even bring a smile to your face, while practicing social-distancing. 

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