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Someone in Canada just created a Quarantine Hotline for tips on living in self-isolation

"Quarantine Hotline" might sound like Drake's follow-up track to Hotline Bling, but it's actually a real, toll-free number set up by a person in Canada.

Documentary filmmaker Vuk Dragojevic set up the Quarantine Hotline to "create an audio time capsule" of the pandemic, so that future Canadians can learn what it was like to live through these unprecedented times.

Dragojevic is encouraging all Canadians to share their tips and tricks on living in self-isolation, whether they want to "share an observation" or simply to "vent."

Dragojevic says any experience to do with the COVID-19 outbreak goes.

"Considering giving yourself a haircut?" he said. "Got a hot tip about where to buy toilet paper? Call the hotline and record a message!"

You can reach the hotline at 1-888-674-4885.

The line is 24/7 and anonymous.

So whether you want future Canadians to remember what it was like to wipe down your milk cartons with Lysol wipes, bake a million loaves of sourdough, or pay for your food via hockey stick, feel free to give the Quarantine Hotline a call.

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Charlota Blunarova

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