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Mobile streaming service Quibi just launched in Canada and here are the reviews so far

Quibi has officially launched in Canada, and reviews of the new streaming service are already here.

The Los Angeles-based streaming service offers a selection of videos designed for your phone, including 50+ original shows starring familiar faces such as Chrissy Teigen, Nick Jonas, Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lopez and Kristen Bell.

All episodes are 10 minutes or less.

The much-hyped streaming service has been met with heated reviews so far — particularly because their shows are based on some pretty outlandish concepts.

American news outlet Vox wrote a particularly unforgiving review, calling Quibi a "more expensive YouTube" at best and "Snapchat but with worse quality control" at worst.

While actor Moses Storm compared the streaming service to a paid version of gas station TV.

Some people are pointing out that if you're going to splash out for a streaming service, you might as well pay for Netflix or Disney+, since both services offer more content than Quibi.

However, there are some positive reviews of Quibi so far.

Plenty of people are loving Nicole Richie's show "Nikki Fre$h," a six-episode spoof on the wellness industry.

While others gave Chrissy Teigen's comedic court-style series an enthusiastic thumbs-up.

And this Netflix employee was particularly impressed with Quibi's original interface and fantastic editing.

The takeaway? Quibi isn't all that it was hyped up to be, but there are a few shows worth watching.

And with the government predicting that social distancing in Canada could last for months, any form of new entertainment is thoroughly welcome.

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