Tim Hortons mobile app

Investigation launched into Tim Hortons mobile app over privacy concerns

Tim Hortons is under investigation over concerns about how their mobile ordering app collects data on people's movements.

The announcement comes after a recent Financial Post investigation revealed how the app tracks the movements of users, even when they do not have the app open.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, along with three provincial counterparts, will examine whether Tim Hortons is in compliance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act.

The investigation will also look at whether the Canadian coffee chain is obtaining consent from app users to collect and use their geolocation data.

"Geolocation data can be very sensitive as it can reveal information about the habits and activities of individuals, for example, medical visits or places that they regularly frequent,"  explained a statement from the Federal Privacy Commissioner's Office.

Many coffee enthusiasts have been using the app regularly since early March, when COVID-19 and social distancing measures first started.

The Federal Privacy Commissioner's Office added that it considers this to be "an issue of great importance to Canadians" given the privacy issues it raises.

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