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Canadians are getting super creepy phone calls telling them to stay home

Ah, spam calls: the only thing that Canadians love to hate on more than July blizzards and Nickelback. Recently, Canadians are reporting receiving an automated phone call telling them to stay home β€” and it's creeping people out.

The phone call says, "Hello, this is just a test call. Time to stay home. Stay safe and stay home."

At least 10 Canadians have reported receiving the mysterious call.

Disturbingly, nobody knows exactly where the call is coming from, either β€” but it doesn't appear to be an official source.

The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) told Freshdaily they were unaware of the automated call, and confirmed that the call was not coming from the CRTC.

Some Canadians can only assume that the eerie, unsolicited phone call means that the world is about to turn into a full-blown episode of The Walking Dead.

While others are joking that the call would make a convenient excuse to play hooky for the day.

Although it's still unclear where this particular call is coming from, experts have noticed a general uptick in scam calls circulating around Canada during the pandemic.

"Certainly we are seeing some mass reporting on a major telephone fraud campaign that's occurring," said Jeff Thomson, an expert with the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, in an interview on the Ryan Jespersen Show.

Thomson says that some of the latest Canadian scam calls come from fraudsters claiming to be with Service Canada or the CRA.

If you receive a scam call, Thomson recommends hanging up the call and then reporting it to the Anti-Fraud Centre.

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Canadians are getting super creepy phone calls telling them to stay home

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