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Strange and unusual custom stamps by Canada Post and how to personalize your own

Custom and personalized stamps by Canada Post are a real thing even if it's not something a lot of people know about.

Over the years, Canada Post has undoubtedly produced some pretty unusual stamps now that people can personalize them with their own photos. 

Weird Canada stamps. Legit, approved by Canada post.

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Using the Picture Postage service, Canadians can pay to have an image of their choice printed on a sheet of stamps. Although somewhat costly ($68 for a sheet of domestic stamps), it has led to some creative outcomes. 

One in particular came from a federal government employee named James Bone who had a sheet of official Canada Post stamps made with an image of the detached head of a Sir John A. Macdonald statue that was toppled in Montreal

While his tweet with a photo of the stamps was deleted, alongside the image, he wrote, "Please RT if f**k colonialism," adding that he'd send them to anyone for free "if you or your ancestors were f**ked over by Macdonald."

Much to the dismay of many who wanted a sheet for themselves, Canada Post put out a tweet saying that the photo does not meet the terms and conditions of the program. 

"Canada Post is currently investigating how this image, submitted online by a customer, cleared the approval process. This process is in place to vet and approve images and text submitted by customers for producing personalized stamps through our Picture Postage program," they said in a written statement to Freshdaily. 

As a result of this incident, Canada Post has cracked down on their approval process to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

"This image does not meet the terms and conditions of the program and should not have been approved or printed. We apologize and will take measures to ensure our vetting and approval processes are strengthened and closely followed," the statement continued. 

Since the Picture Postage program was launched, people have used it to create some lighthearted and hilarious designs, like personalized Christmas stamps. 

Others have simply taken the opportunity to upload a photo of themselves.

Canadians have even marked special occasions on their stamps like trips and weddings.

Canadian writer and cartoonist Kevin Sylvester used the program to create adorable stamps featuring his children's book character Gargantua Jr

Who knew stamps could cause such a commotion. 

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