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Canada is now teaching young people about COVID-19 via video games

With COVID-19 infections surging among young people in Canada, health officials are being forced to get creative with their messaging. Their latest solution? Video games.

Yes, that's right; your Super Mario golden coins could soon be turning into vaccines and masks (okay, not actually).

On Friday, the federal government announced that it was teaming up with the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC) to reach young gamers across the country.

The new campaign aims to teach Canadians aged 13 to 29 about important health practices.

Admittedly, it's a pretty good strategy; who didn't spend time on Houseparty or Skribbl during quarantine?

And the Canadian government knows it.

"To reach young people, we must meet them where they gather," said Minister of Health Patty Hajdu in the press release.

"Through the Public Health Agency of Canada’s partnership with Canada’s video game industry, we can connect with more young people and share important ways they can protect themselves and their loved ones."

Over the past month, young Canadians aged 13 to 29 have accounted for a disproportionate number of COVID-19 cases, making up more than one-third of infections.

The new campaign will consist of a series of short videos reminding young Canadians to wear a mask, maintain physical distancing and wash their hands.

In a pseudo-Pac-Man game, the last video features a character being chased through a maze by germs in order to remind Canadians to stay home if they're sick.

So don't worry, Canadian gamers; your actual video game experience will remain uninterrupted.

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Howard Bouchevereau

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