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Jagmeet Singh recreates viral TikTok and delights Canadians everywhere

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is becoming a TikTok influencer, and Canada isn't mad about it.

Singh shared a video of himself and MLA candidate Tesicca Truong casually cruising around Vancouver on their longboards.

The pair travelled around the historic Punjabi market, sipping on cups of tea and grooving to "Dreams" by  Fleetwood Mac (a song popularized by Nathan Apodaca under the TikTok username Doggface208).

"Rolling to a polling station near you," Truong cheekily captioned her version of the video.

This is actually the second time that Singh has recreated the original video, in which Apodaca swigs cranberry juice and skateboards to the iconic Fleetwood Mac song.

In a video on Oct. 6, the NDP leader boards solo to the tune, mouthing along to the lyrics.

Understandably, people are loving Singh's latest TikTok video — particularly since it offers a break from America's explosive political landscape in recent weeks.

"Trump and Biden literally yelling at each other," one person wrote on TikTok. "Meanwhile in Canada."

"Verify this man," another person wrote.

"Skateboard into the House of Commons and you have my vote," yet another person chimed in.

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