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These are some of the most followed TikTok accounts in Canada right now

TikTok is taking over social media in Canada; suddenly, influencers across the country are dancing and singing their way to fame — usually with at least one Tim Hortons vid involved.

You might already be following the Freshdaily account, but there are plenty of other cool accounts to discover.

Here are some of the TikTokers from Canada that you can expect to see splashed across the FYP (for you page).

James Jones (@notoriouscree)

This Indigenous influencer teaches his 1.7 million followers about everything from powwows to bannock to the Cree language, all while cleverly challenging stereotypes about Indigenous peoples.

Jones is perhaps most widely known for his epic hoop dancing videos; the Alberta-based influencer even appeared as a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance Canada in 2009.

In the past, Jones has collaborated with well-known artists such as Snoop Dogg, k-os, and A Tribe Called Red.

Jones has only been on TikTok since March, but it's safe to say that he's already amassed an impressive cult following.

Asleigh (@ashleighaedan)

This B.C. influencer posts the kind of content that every Canadian can relate to (the struggle of colouring in a map of Nunavut, anyone?).

Ashleigh posts a variety of videos, but she's most well-known for her creative spin on the Canadian national anthem, which features Tim Hortons, milk in bags, public healthcare and even Ryan Reynolds.

Voros Twins (@vorostwins)

These Vancouver-based identical twins almost broke the internet in September with their "Da Vinki" video, which has racked up almost 17 million views.

Now, the brothers (who are also pro wrestlers) continue to entertain their 537,000 followers with light-hearted videos that are the distraction we all need from 2020.

Louisa Qauritaiyuk (@louisa.qau)

This Inuk influencer educates her 116,000 followers on Inuit issues ranging from commercial fishing to LGBTQ+ rights to offensive terms that everyone should avoid.

The Montreal-based influencer's throat singing video is a must-watch.

OGR-Scintilla (@ogr-scintilla)

Known for his popular series of "making songs more Canadian," this Alberta-based influencer is taking TikTok by storm.

His fun, Canadian-ized songs are often paired with backgrounds of snowmobiles, hockey jerseys, and Zambonis (you haven't lived until you've seen Canadian Post Malone).

Oh, and he also has original songs on Spotify; you won't be able to get "Flow Like Trudeau" out of your head.

Cordelia (@lord.cord)

This Newfoundland influencer entertains her 238,000 followers with fun videos, which feature everything from making dunkaroo dip to colouring her hair at home.

Cordelia's videos are an especially good watch for any Canadians that have yet to hear a bonafide Newfoundland accent.

Jenn & Jordy (@justjordynnaround)

If you've ever wanted to die of cuteness overload, then this account is for you; Canadian influencer Jenn posts videos of her two-year-old daughter Jordy, and they're guaranteed to melt your heart.

Seriously; there's nothing more wholesome than watching a toddler's face after eating a lemon.

Christopher Brake (@chris_brake)

Anyone else measure the seasons by when Canadian Geese migrate south for the winter? This B.C. influencer pokes fun at Canadian stereotypes, and his hilarious videos are a must-watch.

With 26,700 followers, Brake has a smaller audience than many of the other TikTokers on the list — but his videos will definitely resonate with the majority of Canadians.

Mark (@snarkymarky)

With four million followers, Mark is already TikTok royalty — and his account just keeps getting bigger.

The Toronto-based TikToker never fails to entertain; whether he's posting funny videos on trips to the airport or just straight-up relatable content, he always keeps his audience hungry for more.

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James Jones

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