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This frozen lake in Alberta with bubbles under the ice is simply breathtaking

The workings of nature can sometimes be a mystery to many of us, but the mystery is often what makes it so beautiful. 

Take Abraham Lake in Alberta, for instance, where bubbles get trapped under the ice and make for an absolutely breathtaking view. 

But while the spectacular appearance of the bubbles in the frozen lake may seem miraculous, there is in fact a scientific explanation for the phenomenon. 

The frozen bubbles form under the ice when dying plants on the bottom of the lake release methane gas. 

This often happens while the lake is in the process of freezing, and the bubbles become trapped and remain in suspended animation. 

This results in a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind sight to see. 

The water in Abraham Lake is also extremely clear and blue, similar to other glacial lakes in the Rocky Mountains, which makes the frozen bubbles beneath the surface look all the more beautiful. 

But despite its natural beauty, Abraham Lake is actually artificial. 

It's also Alberta's largest reservoir, and it sits on the North Saskatchewan River in the Kootenay Plains area of the Canadian Rockies' front range. 

Upon heading out to visit Abraham Lake, visitors can partake in multiple guided tours and hikes that include gorgeous views of the ice bubbles as well as other nearby attractions.

And while many outdoor adventures are best taken in the summer, this outing is perfect for those looking to take advantage of the beauty of winter.

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