fall colours 2019

This is what fall colours look like across Canada right now

Fall colours in Canada for 2019 are already at their peak in many parts of the country and we're not yet halfway through the season. 

The Canadian landscape is in its prime: the air's a little cooler, the leaves are a whole lot brighter, and nature is reminding us that the season of change is in full swing.

Quebec's absolutely dreamy scenes boast every colour on the autumn spectrum.

Out east, Newfoundland is a bright, fiery, sun-speckled wonderland.

This Nova Scotia pooch is definitely enjoying his picturesque romp in the leaves.

And the wildlife in the plains of Saskatchewan are taking in the seasonal views.

Famously-photogenic Alberta is unsurprisingly gorgeous around this time of year.

And this colourful riverside scene will make you wish you were in New Brunswick right now.

Manitoba may be a bit seasonally confused, but still beautiful despite some early snowfall.

And B.C.'s breathtaking vistas are best taken in when all of the fall colours are on full display.

In the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, the season's hues are best complemented by the Northern Lights.

The sun filters perfectly through the changing leaves in the Yukon.

And we can't forget Ontario and its hiking spots, which are guaranteed to provide all of the autumnal vibes.

Lead photo by daveyandsky at Cape Breton Highlands

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