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People are hating Air Canada's new reservation system

As the peak time for holiday travel approaches, many Canadians are beyond infuriated with Air Canada, which recently moved to a new reservation system that is causing more than its fair share of issues.

The Amadeus Altea Suite Passenger Service System, which has replaced the airline's decades-old interface, has apparently been crashing, not permitting any modifications it is supposed to, switching reservation codes and prices on travelers and at times not letting them book anything at all.

Customers are citing hundreds of unanswered calls to the airline, which as of yesterday had issued a recorded message warning that "call volumes are significantly higher than normal" due to the new reservation system — so high that there is no option to speak to an agent and callers cannot even be placed on hold.

Many are taking to social media to complain of hours waiting on hold, dropped calls, unanswered emails and general lack of communication from the airline amid a chaotic booking and check-in process.

Some are saying that the introduction of the new reservation system, which the airline switch over to on November 19 after an alleged 700,000 hours of labour and development, is very poorly timed given that the Christmas holidays are often the busiest time of year for travel.

Others are saying that the company committed a massive oversight when it didn't think to hire additional reservation staff to deal with the transition to the new system, especially given the timing.

Air Canada's failure to acknowledge the issue publicly or provide adequate apology and what some see as warranted compensation is causing further upset. 

But, some are quick to remind those with complaints that despite their frustrations with the company, they should try to be kind to the customer service representative they do end up speaking to in the end, as it is not their fault.

Overall, it seems like an absolute mess for would-be flyers and Air Canada staff alike, and perhaps it's no wonder the airline has been getting some other bad press lately. If you're looking to travel in the next little while, booking with another provider, if possible, is highly recommended.

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