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Niagara Falls has started to freeze over and it's beautiful

Snow has fallen, cold snaps have... snapped... and winter is fully upon us as we move into the holidays.

Though there are a lot of fun ways to embrace the cold Canadian temperatures and some pretty awesome activities that come with the season, nature may seem like a bit of a jerk this time of year.

But despite the slushy boots, numb hands, and potentially frostbitten ears, winter really is a beautiful time in this country. Take, for example, the epic Niagara Falls, which are less than two hours out of the city and are already starting to freeze over.

The natural wonder is one of our most popular and frequented tourist attractions, and there's no argument that yes, the Canadian side is better, regardless of the season.

Though the falls never fully freeze over, there is something undeniably magical about the scene during the wintertime. The water spray freezes and blankets the surrounding trees and rock face under a bed of snow and ice.

The falls by night are beautiful too, with the coloured lights reflecting off of all of the snow.

It's a picture-perfect winter scene, though it looks absolutely frigid. If you plan on visiting, make sure to bundle up to take in the view.

You can also expect fewer crowds during the colder months, while still getting to enjoy all of the attractions of the area.

The live shows, casinos, restaurants, bars and wax museums that line the Niagara strip  provide ample opportunities to take refuge from the cold when you've had enough.

And with the breathtaking views of the falls themselves in all their powerful wintry glory, Niagara Falls makes for an ideal weekend getaway year-round.

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Sarah Pirotte

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