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Waterfalls in Canada are now freezing over for the winter and they look incredible

The freezing cold temperatures endured during Canada's long winter pay off in spectacular wintry landscape. One of the most beautiful natural wonders to behold are frozen waterfalls.

Canada has no shortage of breathtaking waterfalls to explore and they transform into an even more spectacular sight with a little frost. 

Montmorency Falls, Quebec

Montmorency Falls are nearly 100 feet higher than Niagara Falls and are just as impressive in the wintertime. The trails nearby are also open year-round for hikers and snowshoers alike.

Baxters Harbour Falls, Nova Scotia 

This is one of the most popular waterfalls in Nova Scotia and it's extra spectacular in the winter. Walk along the base of the falls during low tide to get up-close to the frosty splendor. It's also a popular spot for ice climbing, if you're feeling adventurous. 

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Freezing temperatures transform this natural wonder into a one-of-a-kind sight. The combination of the waterfall's mist and the freezing winds create breathtaking ice sculptures. Make sure not to miss seeing the frozen falls at night. They're illuminated by different colours all winter.

Sherman Falls, Ontario 

This secluded waterfall found along the Bruce Peninsula, cascades year-round between a snow-covered tree canopy. A bridge that spans over the creek offers a great viewpoint of the falls. 

Hogg's Falls, Ontario 

These falls are just as incredible in the winter. Snowshoeing is the perfect way to take in the icy splendor of Hogg's Falls and the surrounding wintry landscape of the Niagara Escarpment.

Shannon Falls, B.C. 

Shannon Falls is one of the tallest and most accessible waterfalls in the area. It only takes about five minutes to reach the falls once you're in the provincial park. The continuous flow of the water down the snowy mountain creates beautiful icicles. 

Helmcken Falls, B.C.

This is definitely one of Canada's most unique winter waterfalls and an absolute must-see. The spray from the falling water freezes and forms an extraordinary snow crater. The roar of the water continues to be heard year-round as the water never completely stops flowing. 

Johnston Canyon Falls, Alberta

It takes about two hours to hike to these falls and back, but the simply breathtaking views are a huge pay-off. The trail will bring you through icy caves and snow-covered forest. Once at the falls, there are viewpoints from both the bottom or the top of the waterfall. Where ever you're standing, prepare for wondrous views. 

Pisew Falls, Manitoba

You can take in one of the largest waterfalls in Manitoba from a suspension bridge or one of the observation platforms. The winter frost only adds to the magic of this hidden gem found deep within the wintry boreal forest.

Tiffany Falls, Ontario

Usually a nearly 70-foot high stream of flowing water, the cold temperatures turn Tiffany Falls into an enchanting cascade of icy daggers. It's also only a short walk from the parking lot. Once you've reached the winter wonderland, you can walk the icy floor right up to the base of the waterfall. 

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Elvira K at Niagara Falls

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