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This winter trail in Canada has some of the most breathtaking frozen waterfalls

Though winter isn't exactly the most comfortable time to be living in the Great White North, there are still a variety of ways to get out and enjoy the season instead of sequestering yourself away in a blanket fort with Netflix.

Take, for example, one of the most epic winter trails in the country — located just a few hours from both Calgary and Edmonton — perfect for hiking, snowshoeing, or even camping.

Though Alberta and B.C. are renowned for mind-blowing mountain scenery, waterfalls and more countless other awe-inspiring natural features, the Crescent Falls hike is unique because it can be enjoyed year-round and features views of all of the above.

The area has multiple viewing platforms to take in the two beautiful frozen waterfalls — one of which is a whopping 27 m tall — as well as the Bighorn River, canyons, gorges and more along the trail, including one that juts out over the falls for the most thrilling vantage.

You can also trek down to the flat area between the two falls.

The 5.6 km-long trail is also reasonably close to a slew of other cool winter attractions in the province, like ski resortsspotted frozen lakeshot springs, ice castles and winter getaways like Banff.

This means that a trip to Crescent could easily check a bunch of cool Canadian experiences off your bucket list.

If you don't feel equipped (or brave) enough to face the icy hike on your own, there are a number of groups in the region that offer organized tours of the falls and other nearby sites.

Though the falls are obviously magnificent to behold in the summertime as well, trekking to them during the winter means far fewer visitors to interrupt your adventuring.

Also, there's just something special about a whole new, frozen version of a natural wonder that feels extra special and lends a new appreciation for Canada and its beauty.

Lead photo by

Dan Schykulski

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