edmonton ice castle

The Edmonton Ice Castle is officially open and it looks magical

The ice castle in Edmonton is now officially open as part of Silver Skate Festival.

This enchanting acre-sized castle is crafted by hand using only icicles and water. The experience has been described as whimsical and Narnia-like, and has a variety of different rooms for photo shoots.

Photo spots include the throne room, in front a waterfall and throughout a winding ice maze.

According to Explore Edmonton, the concept for Ice Castles was created when founder and Utah resident Brent Christensen attempted to build an ice cave for his daughter in the front yard of his home in Alpine, Utah.

The Ice Castles have since turned into an internationally renowned tourist attraction. They're built by hand and take thousands of man-hours to create.

The building process consists of growing 5,000 to 12,000 icicles that are harvested by hand and individually sculpted into existing ice formations.

This is the fifth time the Ice Castles have returned to Canada and will be open for enchanting experiences until March 10, 2020.

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Edmonton Tourism

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The Edmonton Ice Castle is officially open and it looks magical

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