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Fogo Island Inn in Canada might be the most remote luxury hotel in the world

Fogo Island Inn — a luxury hotel located on an island just off of Newfoundland's northeast coast — is an isolated paradise. It's easy to spot the sleek, contemporary structure sitting atop miles of striking rocky coastline.

Canada has some pretty cool places to stay: a frozen hotel made out of ice; a fairytale castle that happens to be the most photographed hotel in the world; but this award-winning hotel on a remote island in Newfoundland might need to be at the top of your bucket list.

The 5-star inn boasts 29 unique guest rooms that overlook the Labrador Sea, each crafted solely from natural materials such as wood, linen, and cotton. The only plastic in each room is the hotel phone.

Some of the rooms are equipped with a clawfoot bathtub, so you can enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the water.

Even more impressive than the rooms? The food. Guests at Fogo Island Inn are treated to a rotating menu that changes with the seasons, featuring local fare such as scallops, rhubarb jelly, salt cod, and bakeapples — an amber-colored berry that's native to Newfoundland.

All of the food is fished, farmed, or foraged on Fogo Island, so you can be sure that you're eating only the freshest ingredients.

Outside the hotel, guests can explore Fogo Island's stunning natural beauty. Hundreds of kilometers of trails snake around the island, carving through untamed forests and rocky cliffs.

Nature enthusiasts can choose to whale watch on the beach, or photograph the hundreds of puffins that nest in the hills during the summer.

According to the website, Fogo Island experiences seven seasons — Winter, Pack Ice, Spring, Trap Berth, Summer, Berry, and Late Fall — so guests can return to the island to experience it in new ways.

But Fogo Island Inn is more than just a pretty face; it's built with sustainability in mind. One-hundred percent of the hotel's operating surpluses (that's any money that isn't used to pay hotel employees, order food, or market the hotel) are reinvested into the Newfoundland community to "build a better future".

Fogo Island Inn even has an Economic Nutrition label on their website so guests can see exactly how the hotel is distributing their money.

Speaking of money, staying at Fogo Island Inn isn't exactly a wallet-friendly experience; even the cheapest room will set you back $1975 per night. Then again, when else will you get to stay at a luxury hotel on a remote Canadian island? Start saving now, Canada.

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