Scuba Diving Tobermory

The depths of this lake in Canada look incredibly beautiful under ice

Located at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula, Tobermory juts out into Lake Huron and forms the western border of the Georgian Bay. Tobermory is incredible, especially below the water.

Water enthusiasts can experience some of the best freshwater diving in the world at and around the area's first national marine park, Fathom Five National Marine Park.

The notoriously beautiful Fathom Five encompasses over 70 kilometres of Georgian Bay. With 20 islands and over two dozen shipwrecks, a world of history is found beneath the crystal clear depths. 

Submerged canyons, forests, underwater waterfalls and swim-through caves are also found here – and have been for hundreds of thousands of years, even predating humans. 

Even the most novice diver can enjoy what the park has to offer, with scuba sights tailored to every skill level. Only the most extreme however, will dare to venture in the freezing cold temperatures to witness the underwater treasures in the winter.

Ice diving is one of the most adventurous forms of scuba there is. But for those brave – and dedicated enough – it's a rare opportunity to confront one-of-a-kind conditions and beauty few others will ever experience.

Before you jump right in and enjoy the wonders under the ice, you'll need a special Ice Diver certification. The extreme conditions require specialized breathing techniques and training. 

There's no question however that it's well worth it. The already incredible world under the sea is made even more surreal from the frozen ceiling of ice. 

Not quite ready to take the plunge and try ice diving for yourself? No problem. Enjoy these incredible photos until you can explore Tobermory's underwater world for yourself, once warmer weather prevails and conditions become a bit less extreme. 

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