Boreal Forest Canada

The majestic boreal forest in Canada is one of the world's largest

The beautiful boreal forest in Canada spans the northern portion of the continent from Alaska all the way to Newfoundland. In the winter, the snow-covered forest looks just like something you'd see on a holiday card.

Stretching across 60 per cent of the country, and touching every province except for New Brunswick, PEI and Nova Scotia, the thick boreal forest is massive. 

It's one of the largest and most intact forests left in the world, with around three million square kilometres still untouched by urban development. 

Famous Canadian national parks, such as Banff, Jasper and Gros Morne, as well as many others, offer up breathtaking views of the boreal forest.  

With its sheer vastness and forest cover, aboriginal economies have relied on the boreal for thousands of years. It's currently home to more than six hundred indigenous communities. 

The lush boreal forest is made up of towering aspen, spruce and pine trees, interspersed with vast wetlands. They all provide habitat for the countless species who also call the forest home. 

Large mammals such as caribou, moose, and elk roam freely through the rustic terrain. 

There are also over 300 bird species and all three of the North American species of bears (grizzly, black, and polar). 

Considering how much ground it covers, it makes sense that the boreal forest is so central to the country’s natural environment – as well as its culture, history and economy. 

Snowshoe in Jasper or admire the northern lights while camping out in the backwoods of the northwest territories. Either way you're interacting with the expansive boreal forest that makes up the incredibly beautiful and rustic landscape of Canada. 

Lead photo by

bluepeakphotography at Jasper National Park 

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